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We build custom eLearning & learning management solutions,
heres a little bit more about what we do.

Who we are

Achieve Online Learning (AOLL) is based in Carton House Maynooth Co. Kildare. AOLL was set up to provide custom eLearning course development to its clients as well as management of current online client material. AOLL has a multimedia team which includes, web developers, an in-house graphic designer, product designer as well as moodle experts. Achieve also has an experienced student management team as well as a programme director who oversees the various development projects.

What we do

Achieve Online Learning offers a broad range of business services. These include:

  • Creation of custom eLearning courses
  • Creation of blended learning solutions
  • Management of current eLearning material
  • Learning management system installation & management
  • Student support service
  • Graphic design

The course creation process

Naturally all projects will differ slightly , however here is an outline of what you can expect if you decide to work with us.

Initial Client Meeting

During the initial meeting Achieve will listen to your needs and requirements and will use this opportunity to learn more about your organisation.

Needs Analysis

After the first meeting Achieve will access your needs based on the content and the target audience. Achieve will also decide upon a rough project timescale.


It is vital that Achieve work close with your subject matter expert (SME) at this point so our designers can understand your content before the design stage begins.


Creation of project moodboards is an important step in the design process. Moodboards are a jumping off point where the colours, fonts, images and themes are explored before the storyboarding stage begins.


The next stage in the project is the creation of client storyboards. A storyboard is a visual tool created in either paper or digital format. The storyboard gives you a visual representation of the project to give you an understanding of the artistic direction, as well as the opportunity for you to give our designers some feedback.


The storyboard and mockup stage will be tested and refined until you the client are 100% happy with the design direction of the project. Course development is now undertaken by our multimedia developers.

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