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Click on the badge above to view our Maths and English iPad app series on the App Store. This app series aims to teach children real world Maths and Literacy Skills using familiar technology as well as engaging content.

This video demonstrates a short excerpt from our Maths & English ipad lessons for Irish primary school children.

A+ Achieve Maths and English Skills now available on iPad

Responsive Elearning

Responsive eLearning allows your course material to be accessed across most devices. Depending on the device your student is viewing the material on, the different elements of the course will adjust position, automatically, to fit the screen size. This allows complete flexibility for your students, allowing them to use their laptop, and then continue learning on the train or bus using their smart-phone or tablet.

Course Management

We don’t stop at course design & development, we also offer management services for all of the courses we develop as well as any courses that you may already have. We believe that by managing your eLearning courses and material we can free up your precious resources for other core jobs within your organisation.
Our experienced administration/student officers will ensure that your course material is managed to the highest standard around the clock. After all your course material will be available 24/7 so we will be there to keep the material live and available for your students. We also offer a phone/email support service to students, if required.

Customer Services

Achieve Online Learning offers a wide range of eLearning and management options to our customers, including

Redesign of Existing Content

Would you like to upgrade your current learning material to accommodate an expanding online market?

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Custom Built Elearning

Working closely with your team we will design and create custom eLearning material for you, enhancing your existing programmes.

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Course Management

Our experienced team are on hand to answer your students’ queries. We aim to keep your content safe with regular backups while ensuring constant availability of your courses.

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